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One if those days where I feel I abused my spark. After swimming around trying to recover my friends dropped keys. I decided to take off to the marina quickly to try and get goggles or a magnet on a poll. Untied from my friend boat, started up And... Yup. Sucked up my line. Motor died instantly. Jumped in the water, went reaching for it, pulled off a bar of the intake grate that the line broke.. But the line didn't go past the impeller like I feared so I was able to unwrap it from the shaft. So not completely dead on the water. The keys were never found. After bringing my friend back to the dock with the locksmith came and went, we set back out. She insisted on driving back to our friends boat. I didn't have an issue with this seeing it wasn't that far. I forgot I left my bumper/fenders on as we started setting off past the no wake zone and one fell off. So I told her to hold on and turn around... Well the rear bumper splashed enough water into the floor and oppon turning we got off ballance enough we ended up rolling over. After making sure she was up and breathing, I was able to roll the ski back over and collect my things that had fallen out. Went back to the dock where I loaded it up and drained it out for a few min. It really didn't seem to take on that much water...
So onto my question... Since the dealer isn't open till Tuesday, what is the service performed that sea doo recomends after a roll over? I did end up riding back over to my friends boat after draining without any issues but that was all I rode it the rest of the night.
Gave it ****, but it keeps going lol
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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