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Ordered a new Spark for march 2015

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Should be into the dealer in a little over a month from now.

I put down a sizable deposit in the end of 2008 on a RXP-x at a NJ Sea Doo dealer called Surf &Turf Powersports and a week later they closed up shop, had all skis repoed by the bank and even months later after court, never got a dime back. Has bothered me for years and how even after contacting SeaDoo directly, they claimed no involvement and offered no help.

So the spark will do for now, i'm sure we'll still have fun with it and if we use it more than i anticipate will likely look for an RXT-x 3 seater next year.
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Awesome, congrats on putting through an order.
Have you already started looking into accessories and modifications?
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