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Possible fuel leak

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I was just out checking my sparks out as much as I could through the holes. One thing I noticed is the fuel injector closest to the oil dip stick looks wet as if it has a fuel leak. The only thing that has me doubting it is the other newer spark has the exact same wetness although not as bad. Can someone else check their sparks and see if theirs is wet as well.

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I am assuming the "wetness" would be fuel if it were a leak. Have you smelt it to figure out what it is?
Both my sparks have the same wetness. I can't get my fingers in deep enough to touch it. I will have to take the top off. I was just curious of others could peak in their oil dipstick hole and see if theirs is the same. I've always thought both machines smelt like fuel inside the compartment when it has been sitting for awhile.

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