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Proper bunk placement

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Hello all
Does anyone actually know where a trailers bunks are suposed to go on the sparks hull?
One of my bunks from my karavan trailer(which is adjustable) is in a slot to the left of the pump and the other bunk is directly against one of the hulls protruding right side ridges. I guess I'm wondering if the trailers bunks should rest on the outside of the hulls ridges or inside of them?

Thanks in advance!
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I have mine positioned right in the middle of the ridges under the hull. I'll try and post some pics soon.
Thanks for the reply! I hadnt seen a thread about bunk placement and thought it would be informative. I was concerned about the plastic hulls ridge direcly on the bunk

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Yay Poedic 603 came over to the Spark boards :) Welcome :)
I put you as my referral for the site straight

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You would think the dealers would place the thing right
They also sent me on my way without straps or tiedowns
"Its all set Mr Terry"

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anyone else willing to post pics of where the bunks are (properly) placed?
thanks seltzer
looks like we have same trailer?,Karavan 2013 WCE 12 46-L, torsion suspension, sealed bearings, pulls nice behine my Jeep, 12 x 4.80's inflated to 60 lbs...,
I have a 2014 but yeah exact same thing it tows nicely behind my tahoe and jetta
how long have you had yours Jeffin?

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i believe i have the same trailer as well. i am concerned as the part of the carpeted wood that the spark sits on is the side(thin) part of the wood and not the face (wide) part of the wood.
wouldnt having the ski sit on the wide part be more beneficial for the ski for weight/stress displacements?
I guess that being ties down properly should prevent itfrom bouncing thus inducing force/stress crack. but still would like to minimize the posibility

also the dealer did the same to me before i put it in the water already had scratches in the bottom likely from jumping around on the trailer with out staraps..
Mine sits on the face 100 percent just the face sits on one of the hulls ridges instead of between them I can just adjust the bunks but I wanted input on where other people have theirs placed

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It sits on then Side of the bunk?
The support that holds the bunks that is welded on the trailer should be rounded alowing the bunks to hug the hull and inward

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just over six hours on the ski, less than a month, the wrangler w/ 6speed/3:73's tows it well, use 4L on the ramps to ease clutch strain, no probs so far! handles well!
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