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Pulled a large Seadoo tube this weekend!

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Just thought I would put this out there, my 2 up 60 HP spark was able to pull a Seadoo tube with 2 adults on it and it didn't even hesitate! We had such a great time, I'm glad that it can pull a tube. I have 13 hours on both of mine and they keep getting better and better. I also got to do a 180 on it finally! :D
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I'm surprised that the Spark was capable of doing that for you, but its good news to hear. Were these particularly small adults or something?

I just figured that the Spark being so light wouldn't be able to handle pulling a tube, especially with two people on it.
They were average sized with all adults the total weight was less than 500 lbs. I'm 200 and the 2 adults split the rest! One was my wife so I cant give out weight you know!
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I did too this weekend. Pulled one of those large 2 people Tubes with the "WOW" on the sides. Some say "ZOOM". Started off slow but once on plane it was pretty easy. Didn't go faster than 27 mph and didn't max the throttle my first tube tow with the Spark. Attached tube to that rear D ring and worked great. Would def do again.

I read about all the nay-sayers who were adamant before the Spark was released that it could never pull anything. That the Spark wasn't designed for it...D ring would separate from the craft...engine would explode...all that nonsense.
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They were average sized with all adults the total weight was less than 500 lbs. I'm 200 and the 2 adults split the rest! One was my wife so I cant give out weight you know!
haha yes... we know ;)
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**** it better be able to pull people. that's part of the fun of getting a 3 seater! so you can pull someone on a tube. ive casually price shopping a tube of comfortable tow toy. Looking for something with good reviews that won't break the bank.

Make sure if you are towing someone you have a 3 seater and you also have somone sitting behind you backwards to supervise the person on the tube. If you don't have both of these you can get a ticket on the water. I think the exception is if you have rear view mirrors you don't need to have a person watching the person being towed.

... in FL anyway.
This is what I got works great and only 89 dollars with prime shipping
The link worked for me but was coming up " bare bones looking " that happens sometimes after I just did a PC scan/clean though and the cookies are all shaken up in their cookie jar or something.

Got a link to work though. That's a pretty good deal considering it comes with pump and a rope. I like the color for better visibility.
It says it ships in about 4 weeks but there is another one on amazon that ships way faster for about $15 more :)

I'm not looking to spend hundreds on a toy and if i was it would be this to play games on the beach in the water :)
Theres 2 Amazon buying options the one I got ship's in 2 days for 89 dollars
I like that floating station
I'm having all kinds of problem with the forum while using chrome in windows 7. This must be another one of those issues. The link in my quote of your post gets to the barebones version straightbangin describes.
ive got windows 8 (blah, rather have 7) did you recently clean your PC out RobNH? mine does that to some websites after I clean it out.
No, didn't recently clean it out. It is only having a problem at this site as well, and the problems seem to be coming along with all the forum changes. I guess we'll see if it gets any better. I like the info here, but the software is making me less interested in visiting as the browsing experience is really bad.
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