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PWC Market Growth!

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PWC sales in January grew 10% YoY. The market is continuing to climb from its dip into negative growth durignt he middle of 2013...

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With entry-level PWC's like the Spark will make charts like this spark. Now we need to wait for the rivals.
agreed. the spark probably has some part in this.
who do you think will be the first to come out with a Spark rival? And how long do you think it will take for them to bring this Spark rival to market?
They'll all have to if they want a piece of the pie. I bought the Spark for more than a few reasons: price, tech, it looked cool and not like every other ski out there, 1/2 the weight, WAF, (she has a say and was good to go even if she lost her garage space) a proven manufacturer. Oh, and I saw the fun factor before I had even been on it. Yep, I like it.
I wonder if Kawasaki will ever come out with anything to rival the Spark
Actually i do wonder what the market breakdown is for sales, BRP vs Kawi vs Yami... If i was guessing based on what I've seen on the water I'd have to say BRP likely pumps out volume equal to Yami and Kawi combined. Keep in mind there is no basis to that statement besides what i see on our lake, but i do wonder if Yami and Kawi will be able to make a business case for it...
it seems like april is the most important month for pwc sales.
it seems like april is the most important month for pwc sales.
It makes sense, it comes at a time of the year when real warm weather comes around for most of north america and people start preparing for summer
I would guess Kawasaki will make a run for it.

Yamaha will stay with the superjet for a few more years but could make a run for it as well if Kawasak and BRP are successful.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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