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Possible Defective Steering Column/Handlebar
July 15th, 2014

Re: Sea-Doo® SPARKTM Watercraft - Possible defective steering column / handlebar

Dear Sea-Doo Watercraft Owner,

This notice is being sent to you in cooperation with the U.S. Coast Guard and Transport Canada and is sent to you in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Boat Safety and other applicable laws. BRP is conducting a voluntary safety recall of some MY2014 Sea-Doo Watercraft models. Our records indicate that you are the owner of a potentially affected watercraft.

What is the potential problem?

The steering column / handlebar may have been incorrectly manufactured by our supplier and it may break under rough riding conditions. This could cause the operator to lose his balance and hit the personal watercraft resulting in serious injuries or even death.

What should you do?

Call an authorized BRP Sea-Doo Watercraft dealer and make an appointment to have your watercraft repaired. The dealer will perform this work at no charge to you.

As you are now aware of the details of this safety recall, if you continue to use your personal watercraft, in the above described condition, be aware of the risks described herein.

What to do if you feel this notice is an error?

This notice was mailed to you according to the most current information we have available. If you no longer own this watercraft or some information in this notice is incorrect, please contact BRP at your earliest convenience.

If you have questions, need assistance, or to find the nearest authorized BRP Sea-Doo dealer:

Or call: 1-888-272-9222
9:00 AM to 9:00 PM Eastern time Monday to Friday

Your continued satisfaction with your watercraft is important to us. Please understand that we have taken this action in the interest of your safety and your watercraft's proper operation. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.


After-Sales Service Department

Please download the Recall Information PDF


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They likely didn't decide about it yesterday but it takes time to do a redesign and then get the approvals they need and then get it ramped up in production, they obviously knew what was going to happen for a bit because the last bunch that just got delivered to the dealers don't need to be done!

who knows if every case of them breaking was because of poor design or if in fact it was because of rider abuse? its not like no one ever broke the steering on other units before, riva makes steering upgrade kits for rxp's and rxt's etc. there wasn't a recall on them...I am sure we will hear about people breaking the new steering as well! No matter how well you build something someone will find a way to break it!

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If they are a bad design and redesigning them, how come not all sparks are being recalled?

According to another thread BRP actually chimed in and said that it is certain months and you have to call your dealer and give them your VIN to find out if your ski is affected. This could be why some people have had no problems at all and some have one problem after another.
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