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Rusty impeller

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Is this going to affect performance?

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Maybe not right now, but if it gets worse it certainly could. Seems like you should get it replaced.
Rust is like cancer, it will spread and when it spreads enough, i'd hate to think what that might do with a functioning part like this.
Ok, what kind of impeller should i get? And where can i get an impeller tool?

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The stock impellers will all rust, it's the metal they use. especially if you ride in Salt water.
Is there any impeller (that wont rust) wich performs the same way as the stock does?

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That's probably just surface rust / staining. Is it there right after riding? The stock impeller is supposed to be stainless steel, although they don't look like it. I haven't had that happen, but I've only ridden in fresh water and I spray anti-corrosion lube on it during long storage.

the Solas prop is much better material and strength in my opinion, should hold its shape better as well in the long run
Think i will buy the solas, after reading a bit about it. Going to Orlando and Miami soon, any place there that sells it?

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Does anybody have a list over how much to tourque the diffrent bolts and srews on the pump(and the nosecone) and where to use loctite?

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