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Sea-doo and Yamaha: will they get along?

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I'm Ty and I just added a stock Spark 2up as a companion to our Yamaha FXHO with the 1.8 liter motor. My wife, young daughter, and I have owned the Yamaha for 5 years and originally intended to add a Yamaha VXR in 2012 until a job transfer moved us away from our family and the friend group that spent weekends with us on the lakes. We've now built a new friend group and lake-going habits, so we're ready for that second ski.

The Spark caught my attention for its lightweight and nimble character at lower speeds, providing fun handling that resembles the old 2-stroke skis before they became 4-stroke boats. I love our FXHO and it's been a great family watercraft, but I'm ready for something that's going to toss me into the water at something less than 60mph and risking injury. Last season we watched a handful of Sparks at our local lakes spinning, carving, jumping, and tossing their riders. That's what we're looking for in this next watercraft.

We picked up a white 2up and intend to keep it lightweight with as few accessories as we can get away with. I hauled it home Saturday and immediately mounting the front storage bin, and threw the snap-in fenders into it for dock protection. Drilling holes into a hull that hasn't even seen water is not for the feint of heart. It was a simple procedure but there was a mental hurdle to get over as I pressed the drill bit against the soft plastic.

I already have an extra sand anchor and don't intend to ever let the Spark touch land. Aside from the fenders, dock lines, and requisite fire extinguisher and whistle, our only other planned addition will be the V-Tech ECU tune after 2 hours of break-in riding. During PDI the Sea-Doo dealer installed a Sea-Doo OEM impeller designed for higher altitude (13/18 pitch) since we’re at 5,300 ft.

Folks seem interested in the tow vehicle, so I'll mention that as well. We tow with a Subaru Outback, and the watercraft are mounted on a Triton Elite double trailer with torsion suspension.


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