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Sea doo Spark sound system

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I have always wanted speakers on my spark so I finally decided to make it happen.. Im located in NYC so of course I had to reach out to to tackle the job. They installed two Wet Sounds speakers with a Wet Sound amplifier and a bluetooth module. Sounds AMAZING. If you're interested in how much it cost, it was around 1200.00 for everything. Here are a few shots.

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Looks awesome!
Do you know the model name of the installed Amplifier and Speakers?

Thinking about installing something like that here in Sweden.
You'd have to email them. They also sell the equipment if you wanted to install it yourself.
$1200 is a lot to spend on something like this but worth it, just have to decide how much of a priority it is over what else can be done.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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