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Figured we could use a thread for Spark Videos.

Hello Sun, Hello Fun:

Sparking the Dream:

Interview with Spark Designer Jacques Maynard:

Sparking a new Generation:

Sea Doo Spark First Ride:

Sea Doo Spark Riding Gear and Accessories:
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I love how they show all the different graphic kits on the Spark in the video's above, seems like they will look much better in person than they do in the pictures.
sweet. haven't seen any user videos though

most of them being production or promotional.
I'm not sure how many people have actually taken possession of one.

here are a few non promotional videos

I can't get over how maneuverable the spark is!
Crazy how that guys moves the Spark around like that, might not be something newbs want to try at first, best to ease into that.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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