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Hello everyone,
So I have been watching alot of youtube vids on the sea doo spark. I came across 2 vids done by
Now in these vids they are throwing some pretty good punches at the Spark.
So I just had to do my own research on the Yamaha Vx Sport and compare it to the Spark.

So first I am only going to compare both as being completely base models.
So 2up Spark cost $3000 less then the Vx, and after the transportation fees that all dealers add on, and the trailer, the Vx will be pushing that $10,000 dollar range, and the Spark only about $7,000. Now lets get to the fuel usage, and tank size, and how many hours before your empty. Spark has a 7.9gal tank, uses 1.94 gal per hr at 35mpg, meaning you'll be empty in just over 4hrs. And will cost you roughly $30 to fill up. The Vx has a 18.5gal tank, uses 4gal per hr at 35mph, meaning you'll be empty in 4.6hrs. But it will cost you roughly $70 to fill up. Hmm so I can save $3000 with the Spark and could use that money to fill the Spark 100 times.:)

But, the Vx has 110 hp and the Spark only has 60 hp so you will go faster on the Vx. Really!? How much faster? Being $3000 more than the Spark it better be much, much faster. Nope, sorry Vx you have a top speed of 54mph. The Spark has a top speed of 42mph at 60 hp. Really!? the Vx only has a 12mph advantage. So you pay $3000 or $250 per hp more to go 12mph faster. Doesn't seem worth the extra dollars to me.

But wait, how come the Vx doesn't have a top speed in the upper 60s or low 70s? Oh ya, the Vx weighs 736lbs, wow what a fatty. The Spark weighs only 405lbs. Ok, ok lets be fair the Vx can carry 3 people while the Spark can barely hold 2 adults. But, I didn't buy a jet ski to be a chauffeur and give people rides around the lake. And your not going to throw tricks with 2 people on the PWC, so who cares. But, the Vx has 15.1 gal of storage space, and the spark only .42gal. Again, what do you need to store? Remember your only going to be on the water for a max of 4.6 hrs before you need to stop and refuel. Which means anything that you might need to store can just hang out at the beach with your other friends or in your vehicle.

So to recap, you can get the Yamaha Vx Sport for $7,999, go just a little faster, and stay out on the water maybe 30min longer before refuel.
Or you could make the smart choice and join us Spark owners, spend $4,999, and use the $3000 that you didn't spend on the Vx, for fuel, and refuel roughly 100 times, or 790 gals of gas, or 407hrs, or 50 8hr days on the water.

I really hope this helps anyone that might be looking to buy a PWC and not sure which to go with. In my opinion, the Spark is better by far.

I got my info from.
2014 Yamaha VX Sport Review :

Spark Personal Watercraft Specs: Engine, Brakes, Handling, and more | Sea-Doo US
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