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I am completly disgusted with BRP --- they should be ASHAMED of themselves. PUBLIC BUYER BEWARE

- Purchased brand new 2018 Spark SeaDoo from Surf City Marina in Surf City NJ June 30, 2019 --- 0 miles --- BRAND NEW

- Put in water and took for first ride on July 4th 2019

  • Riding in back bay --- heard weird clicking noise and all of sudden by handlebar cracks off, no warning --- I fall off
  • sustained injuries
- obtained legal counsel

- BRP REFUSED to come inspect the wave runner for some god forsaken reason

  • BRP sent letter to lawyer that they are going to use the photos that I took the day of the incident to decide if they are responsible
  • They sent letter stating that the break was from MISUSE ???
** Misuse ? How ? it is BRAND NEW ?
** same SEADOO MODEL RECALLED FOR SAME THING IN 2014 --- that is NOT a coincidence

- My lawyer tells me that the cost of expert witnesses that I would need to go up against such a corporate GIANT would not be feasible.

- My wife and I are beyond upset but just want the SeaDoo fixed at this point --- thinking that we have a warranty -- we'll just end the legal battle for injuries and just move on and get the handlebars replaced with another pair, requesting a different set because of the odl set breaking

- I personally contact Seadoo and BRP and they were so IGNORANT and RUDE and basically told me that they are NOT standing by their warranty

I have ALL documents and photos if anyone wants to request.

I am sickened at this point
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