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Throughout this document you'll find a number of useful Frequently Asked Questions (with answers) that we've seen pop up often enough on the Seadoo Spark, valuable to both current owners and those of you considering it. Also included are DIY's and how-to threads by some of our many knowledgeable members.

Accessing these frequently asked questions and how-to’s is as simple as clicking on the blue hyperlinked text under the bolded text, which will redirect you to the page for that topic.

Directly below, you'll find vital information on using this forum (ex. 'how to upload pictures') and information which will help to resolve most of the issues you may come across.

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Common Questions
How many hours on your Spark?

Sticky: Show Off Your Sea-Doo Spark Photos Thread!

What did you do to your Seadoo Spark today?

The Insurance Thread…

Sea Doo Spark Operators Manual

Problems, Issues, Concerns
Pattern? List Your Spark Production Date & Problems You Have Had (Or None)

Compiling List Of Spark Problems. If You Have Had One Please Post Here

My ski took on much more water than I expected when I flipped it

handle bars snap off while in a turn!!!!

Handle Bars Broke

Sea Doo Spark Defective Steering Column/Handlebar recall from BRP

Cracked hull after 1 ride

Hull strength

Squeeky Steering!!

hull replacement cost

Winter storage? (Canada)

Trouble Shooting : Stickers Adhering To Spark

steering noise.

Spark revs but doesn't go anywhere

DIY, How-To & Maintenance
sea doo spark shop manual

The Cost For Repairs / Maintenance

Is it time to change the oil

Flushing/Cleaning Your Spark After Use

Handle bar fix

DIY Snap On Fenders

Handle Bar FIX DIY

DIY mats

DIY flush kit (push on/pull off)

Oil change

Removing battery for winter

Help!!! Low on oil


Gas mileage

Flush kit

Sea-Doo Spark Maintenance

Is flush kit necessary?

Warranty Info / Why DIY Maintenance May Void Warranty

Accessories, Modifications & Replacement Parts
What does a new Spark need?

Sea Doo Spark: Impeller vs Tune

Added Mirrors

Took the flame arrester out tonight

All v-tech owner come in

Catagory 5 intake teaser pic ..

Spark mod's and results

Sea Doo Spark Wrap Kits

Riva free flow exhaust

Sparkmats kit for the Spark

Sea-Doo Spark Turbo Kits

Full Breakdown of the VTech Sea Doo Spark complete hardware turbo kit

Sea doo spark tune is it worth it?

E85 Tune - Any Tips?
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