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seadoo spark problems starting

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First time poster here. So after getting all of the recalls done on my seadoo and getting it winterized by brp i took it out for the first time this season. It had problems starting. Basically sounded like it was gonna start then cut out. Exactly as a 2 stoke would be on a cold start. Finally after about 5 trys it started and my check engine light came on. The seadoo ran fine eventho check engine light was on. I used it for most of the afternoon and every once in awhile it would have problems starting but run fine once it started. Anybody know if i could check to see what the check engine light is indicating or if anybody has had this happen to them? Thanks
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Hey there,

Starting after the winter for me was also tough, didn't start for about 10 tries, but once I got it running, it ran perfectly fine, check engine light could be that your maintenance reminder wasn't reset by the dealer. Did they do an oil change/how many hours do you have on it?
hey thanks for replying. I ended up bringing it to a dealer. The check engine light was error code P0340. Which is camshaft signal error. He replaced the sensor and changed the spark plugs. I just got it back today. Haven't used it yet but i started it in my driveway and it seemed fine so hopefully thats all it was. Does anybody know where that sensor is or what it looks like? I had 8 days left on my warranty so i didn't have to pay for it but it would of been $520 which seems pretty expensive just for changing a sensor and spark plugs.
I was having a problem with what seemed to be a sensor on mine. A friend of mine took the ski for a spin and he eneded up rolling it. He rolled it back over and it started up fine. When I got the ski back to the house I was lightly hosing the engine compartment and apparently some water hit a sensor or something and caused the computer to come on as if the safety key was on and it was ready to start. My key wasn't on the ski and the computer stayed on like I was about to press start and run the engine. The engine would not start or the computer wouldn't turn off. I assume the sensor I hit caused the computer to stay and not allow the engine to start. I'm not sure but once the compartment aired out for a couple hours the engine and computer functioned just fine and it fired right up? I'm
Just curious if maybe I hit a sensor and cause it to trip of cause something to stay on. I'm not sure!
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