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Shore Stand

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Hey All,

Dumb question for everyone. Going to the river next weekend and was going to build a shore stand so the Spark doesn't have to sit on the sand overnight. Went to Home Depot to get the stuff yesterday and believe it or not they had NO 3" PVC. The only 3" pipe they had was sewer line and ABS.

So, my dumb questions is, do you think 2" PVC would be strong enough to hold a Spark?

Opinions and experiences welcomed.

Thanks in Advance.
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Is that the thick walled green stuff? Will the pipes be elevated?
You mean sewer line? No, it's the thin walled white stuff. Fairly certain it won't hold much weight.

ABS is the thick walled black stuff. Sure it would carry the weight, but it's twice the price.

I wasn't thinking of elevating it much, maybe just a few inches.
Why not just get two 2x4 and put on that green carpet on them?
A 2 by 4 and two wheel blocks from Harbor Freight ( 45 degree angle)
What did you end up doing for this shore stand? It would be great to see some pictures of what you come up with if you get the chance.

I would try to put it on two wooden or metal pipes and maybe cover them with foam. Spark should be able to just sit right in between them if you have the beams side by side.
Unfortunately haven't done anything yet, still looking for options. Don't want to use wood as it floats and will be useless when the water's up.

Probably just head to other hardware stores to see if I can find 3" PVC, but will post pics when it's done.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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