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Side cover protecting engine/battery

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I took this off to let engine breath, but it doesnt seem like its clipped back in correctly. I dont want to get unwanted water in here. Whats best way to put this back on?

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Line it up from rear to forward making sure clip are inside hole. Push forward and bang rear in to seal it.
I have done that but the rear end looks like it is not in flush? I cant remeber is it was ever flush, tried over and over again with same result.
Mine doesn't look absolutely flush at bottom right but it is fully closed. Had 5 inches of rain in 30 hours last week .not a drop of water inside after that and 6 hours use in choppy salt water.
Move it from rear to forward lining up the upper and lower clips and then give it a good rap like your pounding on a desk with the bottom of your fist! Easy after 1st Time!!!
If you want a bit more peace of mind you could always throw up some pictures so that people can confirm for you that it looks like it is on there properly.
Just purchased my 2up spark and will take delivery on saturday. The dealer told me there had been some recall for these side panels and that seadoo had sent out stronger ones due too tabs breaking of easily.
Contact your dealer for info on this free upgraded parts are always good!
I actually received a new panel in the mail today. Didn't know anything about the recall. Looks like they automatically send them out
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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