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Slippery grips

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Really rode the heck out of my Spark 3-up over the holiday weekend, but really noticed that the grips are overly slippery when hands get wet. Does anyone regularly wear gloves when riding?....

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I wear a pair of $12 padded contractor work gloves from Amazon. They don't dry quickly like the watersports specific gloves but a few hours in the hot sun dries them out pretty good.

Lot's of grip. My hands never slip.
I don't feel like my grips get slippery enough to be concerned, but I was thinking about trying my mountain bike gloves. They handle being wet really well.
Mountain bike gloves do work. Mine were half finger however and wanted a full finger for the Sea Doo.
I have been looking for gloves. I have big hands, and the sea doo 2xl gloves cut off the circulation in my fingers. I am looking for them not because they get slippery, but to cut down on the callouses on my hands, and that spot on the bottom of my thumb that always gets rubbed raw on my throttle hand.
I have a pair of Slippery Circuit gloves that I wear, not so much because of the lack of grip but because the stock grips tear the skin near my thumbs after thrashing around on that bitch for a while.
I bought a pair of the half finger gloves from seadoo, and they work really well. They have cut down on the blisters and the rubbing on my thumb and work well wet or dry.
I really liked the seadoo gloves. If only they made them in 3XL.
I really liked the seadoo gloves. If only they made them in 3XL.
that sucks
maybe you can message them and ask if they would consider doing a small batch for folks like yourself.
I would need the 3xl as well

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I noticed my thumb rubbing also and then just realized that my hand was moving to close to the inside of the grip. I now just make sure I am on the outside of the grip. Instead of gloves you should just look into new grips.
I do try to keep my hands to the outside of the grip area to avoid the thumb rubbing, but that does little to stop the callouses on the palms that develop. I thought gloves might be helpful.
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