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Smashed Spark

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Well docked here in Cushman WA this past weekend someone bumped, hit, smashed into out 3 UP Spark while tied to the pier. The center upper deck housing has to be replaced for sure as there is about an 8" crack. The bottom hull has two small 3" stress marks not sure if they'll repair that or replace it. Only 12 hours on this 2015 Spark and really bummed. Thank god for insurance but man I really wish someone would have left a note with contact I for etc. anyone know about plastic repair and how far they can go with it? With that said the spark has been awesome so far, first PWC and couldn't be happier.
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Did you report it to the Police? If they didn't stick around at the scene they could be charged for fleeing.

Hope you get it fixed soon!
sorry to hear this happened but at least you have insurance
do you know if the area you spark was in had cameras to see what happened?
That is sucky. I don't hear about boat/PWC crashes very often. Hope everything works out and you don't have to pay much (anything).
Any idea how long it will take for them to fix your Spark?
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