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Solas & Riva Racing Ring

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Installed the Stainless Solas impeller and the Stainless Riva racing wear ring. Have to say it's well worth the money if anyone was wondering. If you have IBR it's a bit of an install so be prepared. For under 500 bucks the upgrade is def worth it. No more cavitation at all when ripping around. It definitely hooks up hard all the way through. Lower RPM's at the same time which is always great. Also the Solas impeller is actually cheaper that a stock replacement when you go to their site, or EBay. I'll never own a ski without a Solas again!
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I agree! I installed the Solas impeller and SS ring and there is a noticeable change (seat of the pants) in acceleration. Well worth it for an already fun ski!
We were planning on getting the solas upgrade that is good to know that is worth the upgrade. Didn't want to upgrade to the stainless wear ring due to the debris as our main riding is river running. We have sucked up rocks, sand, wood. we plan on keeping the stock wear ring due to that aspect as a fail safe for the jet pump.
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