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Hi, just bought a spark with 60HP. Anyone in New York ,PA, NJ area that has a vetch tuner and is willing to upgrade for me? {to be paid ofcourse}
vtech will update it to 109hp, not will still need to purchase the tune from vtech (you can't just borrow someone's tune)...but you can borrow the equipment and save yourself $300+ dollars from not having to purchase it...if someone is willing to lend it to you...

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Wow! I lived in Queens New York!

I have the Maptun Tool but Im located in California. For any Southern California Residents you can visit me at:

11436 Old River School Road
Downey, CA 90241

Just pay me a little for my time and we can get a Tune Credit from Vtech (I think we can get a better price for the tune credit).

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