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UPDATE: pretty much got the free flow done.. Little fine tuning and we will take some video of two 3UP H.O's sparks running side by side ,and hear the differance between stock and just the free flow in sound . In both sport and touring modes . plus there will be an install video for you to look at on you tube . and price will be $130 had a little trouble with some parts and labor . BUT the intake should stay in the 100 or even under so it will still even out too 100 each .. sorry about that guys trying to keep it cheap as possible. I thought that $200 was way too much for these so why I took on this project for everyone.I will have pic soon... Im a perfectionist when it come to this, and very annal, Want it to look right and run good before I throw it out there. STAY TUNED .... I promise u will love it...PS . Looking for a name and logo for this anyone who give me a name or logo and i pick it .I will give you a discount on ur purchase LETS here AND see some logo's and names for the free flow !!!!!!
1 - 20 of 63 Posts
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