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Spark leaking? If you have a manual reverse you may want to check this.

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I have had about half a liter of water typically after a ride in mine so I thought there was a minor leak somewhere, but decided to postpone the inspection for the winter. Last weekend I held the Spark at the shore the rear end in the water. When I turned it on the following morning I noticed that there must have been about 50 liters of water in it. Had I had the Spark floating by the dock it could have sank.:rolleyes:

So I trailered it up and it was leaking water like h*ll from the manual reverse wire's hole at the hull. I called the local dealer and he told me to open up the reverse kit's cable fixture in the end and ensure proper sealing using good amount of SIKA-flex (marine sealant) and not to trust the provided rubber washer alone.

I opened it up and saw that there was no sealing at all around the cable and the cable hole by the dealer who had sold the Spark and installed the kit. I Also checked the Sea-Doo reverse kit's installation instructions and there was not a word about using sealant at this specific hole. Perhaps the dealer had followed the instructions to the letter, dunno, but surely it was not ok.

Result after the fix: Not a single drop of water out of the Spark!:cool:

Those few who have had leakage issues and have the manual reverse you may want to check also this out as fixing is a simple job and does not require opening the hull.

Two pics attached, one with the leak, one with the fixture opened up.


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I always use this

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