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Spark powerplant in AM Blaster hull

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From Facebook group Yamaha WaveBlaster Australia....I for one am f'n pumped for this. 109hp in a Blaster hull will be an absolute weapon.>:D TigerCraft is also making a WB hull but no word if the Spark motor/pump will work.

The latest news to hit the WaveBlaster scene was released by Nick Barton @ Krash Industries a few months ago, since then there has been much hype and interest in the final design and options.
Well here it is, it's been confirmed by Nick himself that this is the final CAD design prior to the making of the plugs and production moulds.
Fair to say that these should be keeping the team at Krash Industries very busy in the near future and that delays in delivery will be inevitable, so if you are interested in ordering one or five for that matter get in touch with Nick Barton.
The new design will utilise an MX style seat and there will be an option for a 155mm pump assembly instead of the smaller brother.
The hull is state of the art with input from the worlds number 1 Blaster rider 'Blaster Jay' it has been refined to a shorter and lower hull shape with the all important rocker nose that's required for today's surf riding.
Power plant options have also been talked about with standard B1 running gear and also incorporating Sea-Doo's new Spark platform and running gear.
It's an exciting time for the Australian WaveBlaster scene and with manufacturers like Krash Industries making the effort to crack the whip on producing a hull that mimics one of the most popular and practical hull designs of all time and with riders like Blaster Jay taking his skills to the world and winning the Australian WaveBlaster scene, in fact the world WaveBlaster scene is in for one **** of a ride.
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Few guys are doing the same for the Kawi SXR ..
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