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Spark seat getting red streaks

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has anyone had a problem with spark'seat getting red streaks. I bought a new spark just a month ago. Rode only one weekend. Put the cover on it and came back a month later to see that the seat has red streaks. Cover was official from the dealership and it is not a stain from swimming trunks. My shorts were blue and the cover is black. Any suggestions
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Mine is still perfectly white and it's a little over a year old.

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Mine did the same thing, I tried magic eraser and some other **** and nothing worked. I don't even wear a red swimming suit. It pisses me off I even asked the dealer and they didn't have an answer on why or how this happened.
you can always throw a seat cover on. They always look nicer anyways.. Just a thought
Yea I think a picture would be great to see what we are dealing with here. I also think that it could be what you are wearing instead of the seat itself.
My seat looks just fine. I'm at about 24 hours now and wear yellow, blue & black swim shorts.

A picture would be great.
My seat is perfect. 34 hours. Grey shorts

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These stains are not from a spilled drink or chemical or fluid. These permanent stains are the result of, "pinking," a bacterial stain that is affecting boats all across North America. Old thread, but thought I would reply since I have pinking/red on my white 15 Spark seat. Did some research, and found out it's bitch to get off. Pink Stains on Boat Seats: A Fix!
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