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So after enjoying the spark for about a year I wanted to it yet again a little more enjoyable. Previously I have installed two stereo on my previous watercrafts 96 spx and a 97 GSX. Every time I learn a little bit more when installing the systems.

My first attempt was a Kicker PXi.50 which was a great little unit, fully waterproof and sounded great. I had it mated to 2 pyle 5.25 speakers. In the end it was more for sitting on the beach kind of system just was not loud enough over engine noise and I had the speakers mounted in the hood facing the wrong way also no Bluetooth support

2nd attempt was a cheap pyle marine system PLMRMP1A 2 channel amp with some pyle PLMCS92 speakers the kind that people mount on bikes. This system was pretty loud but had a huge lack of bass since the speakers were so small. I was a little more happy with this system then the kicker, again no bluetooth support.

Now for my spark I took a big step with this one involving cutting out holes in the upper deck, there was just simply no way to achieve my goal without doing so.

For the speakers I added some Polk Audio MM651UM speakers which have many good reviews for both sound, pricing and durability.

The amp is a kenwood 4 Channel marine amp. KAC-M1824BT however the amp itself is not so waterproof. When I received the amp I took it apart and sealed every hole and crack in it.

Install took about 6 hours just with deciding where everything should go and removing the upper deck. Also had to cut a small amount of foam out to clear the magnets.
By far this would be the only way to go. I have the amp bridged to 2 channel and its pushing 90w per channel. This is very loud... and the speakers can take it. Blows all my other systems away. All cost about 275.00 for parts.

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