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Spark turns sharper to the right

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Hey I have a seadoospark three up and she seems to turn sharper to the right a significant amount. Deffinetly very noticeable when making a sharp turns. I'm not to sure why this is or what to do to go about fixing it. Thanks for the help.
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I find mine the same. I think it might have something to do with what side I'm more comfortable with. It's possible it's the machine but I have never worried about it.

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It's all about your weight transfer

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The rotation of the engine makes any ski naturally want to turn in the opposite direction of the engine rotation.
As the engine spins, it naturally makes the ski lean to one side slightly. It's a fascinating phenomenon - lots of "phun" physics involved. The same thing can be felt on my old two stroke Sea Doos - they like to turn to one side a little bit more than the other.

Imagine revving an old muscle car with a big engine. The car twists a little bit on it's suspension as the engine revvs up. More torque is more movement side to side. You can also watch this phenomenon in semi trucks as they are under heavy load. You can see the cab twisting to the side a bit as they change gears - especially when starting out.

Keep in mind that this effect should be fairly slight. If it's really pulling to one side or another then you likely have a steering misalignment.

It's all about torque and angular momentum:

Never thought I'd be posting a link to a physics lesson on this forum...
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I fully understand the laws of physics and also understand that it's natural for it to turn slightly more to one side but that's the thing slightly . it's turns right a significant amount. Going 5mph I turn right and its like doing a 0degree turn turn left and its significantly wider. Even when taken out of the water I turn the nozzle right and left and you can see the difference.
Maybe it needs to be adjusted. I'll check mine out of the water when I go for my ride today. Does it ride straight when the handlebars are straight?

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No she seems to want to drift to the right a bit . I've been looking and found the adjustment on the left side under the white cover . I plan on taking mine out today as well so I'll give it a whirl and see what happens .
A couple of people have gotten their sparks slightly out of adjustment. It couldn't hurt to turn it out a bit to see if it solves your problem.

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Interesting. Mine goes sharper to the left.

turn your handle bars to straight eg 90 degrees to ski then check the jet pump nozzle is it at 90 degress to the ski ?? if not need to do the adjust the steering adjustment
i took her out today and did some adjusting while i was out there and it did help a bit still need some left. i gave it a couple of turns already. i noticed the adjustment is threaded. is it possible to go to much on way?
adjust the steering until both nozzle and handlebars are square the if still a problem look else where next I would measure the sponsons are same depth and level
thanks for the help everyone i seem to be slowly dialing it in im going to get the nozzle all squared and evenly spaced on each side and measure up the sponsons and go from there. hopefully this will get everything squared away. unfortunately im unable to get back out until next week.
Is it still under warranty ?

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