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Sparkmats Annual Summer Sale !!

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It's time for our Annual Summer Sale !!

We just received a double load of our new Deluxe cut Sparkmat design.
I am offering a special forum member deal . Send me a message that includes both your email address and shipping address and I will send you a payment request thru Paypal for this member deal.

A Sparkmat set for the 2up Spark for 30.00 delivered to your door.

These are precut pieces that you Will affix to the Spark using contact cement.

Or for the 3up owner's:

A complete Sparkmats kit for the 3up for 43.00 delivered to you door.
We also use FedEx so the orders don't take weeks to get to you. No more 8:30 pm deliveries or "book rate" snail mail.

Remember, you must send me a message that contains your email address and your shipping address to request this forum only Summer Sale pricing. I will send you a formal request thru Paypal for the payment, and we will pay the shipping !!!

If you want to do it all thru Paypal and avoid the back and forth messaging, you can log into your paypal account and just send us a payment directly to [email protected] using Paypal. Make sure you remind us which kits you are requesting.

Of course we will send you the tracking # via paypal so you can track your order.
Thanks, hope you are all having a fantastic summer.


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What's the difference from the standard vs. deluxe?
Can you post pics?

I've attempted to view (which redirects to: but the page errors out:

"This site does not exist within the LDAP database."
What about Canada

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These are installed with contact cement, is it provided with the mats? If not, what type should be used? How well does contact cement hold on a Spark?
And do you have any pictures of what it looks like on the 3up?
So I sent money Jul 28, wondering if there is any updates or tracking numbers for anyone?
I really wanted to buy a set of these but I couldn't get any of my questions answered...
Not sure if anyone noticed this, but the original post is over a year old...
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Not sure if anyone noticed this, but the original post is over a year old...
Good observation Thanks!
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