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Sparks featured in Amazing Music Video from "Capital Cities"

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now embedded for easy viewing :D

i can't get over this video, even on mute it's good, i suggest doing that!
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Thanks !!
I just saw this today on the seadoo facebook page. How did that girl get a red spark and was SeaDoo marketing Capital Cities or Capital Cities marketing the Spark in that video.Its almost funny that they marketed the spark to drive right out of the girl's sad from divorce tears lol they dont even need to do any more marketing on this thing. :p
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Not a bad track at all now I got it stuck in my head.

the red spark is nice they should have made that an official color.
I'm interested to see what colors the 2015's come in. I really wanted to see a florescent green or florescent blue spark. Youtube: Got Nuffin' by Spoon to get that song out of your head. It's one of my favorite riding songs :)
A Red would be nice and good call on the florescent green (I call it highlighter green ;)

and the blue something like this

Thanks straightbanging. Got nuffin helped ;)
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exactly, bright ocean blue i call it, maybe i should call it bright FL keys ocean blue. its my favorite color right up there with silver :p

i found that song from one of the last episodes of last season of House. i miss that show
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