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spatk fishing

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Hi all
Purchased a Seadoo spark base model 3 weeks ago. Im using it to get to fish on a local river. So far so good. Had a rock suck up but didnt get into the impeller, just lodged loosly on the drive shaft. No damage done.......pretty lucky.
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I would say way lucky. Dont break the wear ring then have to float back down to the truck lol
What did you add or bring along for storage and such? A jet ski just doesn't strike me as the most natural fishing vessel.
I've added a Rod holder to the rear cover and I just strap a water proof bag to the back to hold gear.
Also I have an anchor stowed in the front compartment.
When on the river, I will pull up on a sand bar or on the shore and wade in.
The geat thing on the river is I can get to places where others can't.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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