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Starter or maybe battery connection?

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My 2014 spark has been almost perfect since I bought it. I was out running around today and the check engine beeper started going off. It cut me too half power and I ran back to the harbor and shut it off. Took off the engine panel and tried to start it and it just clicked for about 5 minutes. It fired up again and ran perfect for half a tank, brought it back flushed it out and now it won't start again and the clicking continues? Anyone have a similar problem. Thinking maybe bad battery, loose connection or maybe the starter? Any and all help would be appreciated! Thanks spark users!!
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Sure sounds like a loose battery cable

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I would have to agree with a loose battery cable.
Loose cable for sure

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I wonder if he figured it out?
Commercial fish up in AK. Get to look at it today finally
It was actually the relay switch inside of the little fuse box located above the battery.
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