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Storage on spark !

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Hey I saw a lead on here about some saddle bags to fit on Spark!
"Water carrier and gear carrier saddle bag"
Remove seat and place forward of the seat fixing lugs!
Harrington DE 19952

Thanks to whoever posted that!!
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Straight may want to look into this. She alway's looking for more storage
now that is awesome, great way to carry booze with you....kidding.
..haha...thirsty work on a spark!

No I did not mention (to straight b) that these s bags are not deemed to be good for cometics!
Why would they make saddle bags for the Spark but make them not waterproof? That just seems real dumb to me.
yep...saw that!....I already have the bags as per that link.....and they would be almost waterproof...with zip closures..
That looks like a pretty good solution to storage problems. Not quite waterproof, but good for carrying various things that you might want to bring along with you while you are riding.
Thanks Serpent hehe. I'm the one that originally posted about it but thanks for the referral :) Welcome Wrazor. :)

I got mine for the same price on Amazon in black. They are not waterproof so they are for things like rope and water bottles and things you don't mind getting wet. They are meant for horses but work great on the Spark. Makes grabbing for water bottles VERY easy. I love mine. 2 of the pockets that zip shut are insulated about 80% of the way. You would have to see it to understand. So its not as good as a cooler but not as bad as a paper bag for keeping things cold. I'd put food in a tipple ziplock or screw tight container to keep it dry.

It looks like a beat up looking black in the photo in the ad but its solid black.


I altered mine a bit so it wouldn't flop around. First time testing it out and it went well. No flopping. My stuff felt very secure but I wouldn't go putting a favorite or expensive water bottle in there because you never know.. On the very top of the part that you put under your seat you will want to cut off any clips/toggle things. Also makes sure you put it under your seat away from the little areas that the seat hooks into the ski ( obviously ) if you look you will see the perfect spot for this to go. I sit in front of it and it's way back on my 3 seater but it looks like it would not get in the way of a 2nd or 3rd passenger. The straps that are long and are elsewhere on the saddle bags I cut off and attached to the back / bottom of the saddle bags so that it could wrap around and be adjusted behind the seat down towards the base of the ski. I think I did some basic sewing I don't remember. I am ALWAYS altering stuff to make it work differently than intended so it was super easy for me but I think anyone can figure it out.

Here are some pics of it on my Spark. I ran one of the straps through the tow hook.

I'm going to post this in another thread about storage so if you are in that thread you may see this info again. :)

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