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Swedish Championship in Jetski/Spark

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We had a Jetski Championship here in Borås (Sweden) July 2nd. There was a regular Jetski-class and a Spark-class.

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Check it out! Theres some really good professional footage here!

If theres any questions about this event, i'll try to answer them.
Swedish language only.
Stock 90HO-machines.

Watch here:

Fastforward for the heats in the Spark-class:
9:00 for Heat 1
19:50 for Heat 2
30:00 for Heat 3
39:10 for Heat 4
47:20 for Heat 5 (the final)
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Very cool. Thanks for posting this up for us. I'm guessing that the riding season is coming to a close pretty soon in Sweden. Enjoy it while it lasts!
Awesome, thanks for posting this, i'll definitely have a look through it all. Always loved seeing these competitons.
Interesting, only I If I understood swedish.
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