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Taking of the 3up exstension

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I Wonder if i could take of the exstension on my spark to check if there is any difference in the maneuverability. But I have some questions, I have Ibr. On standard 2up models there is a little piece of the Ibr attached to the hull(?)(see picture) is this something I'll need? And when I take off the extension what will fill the black corner?(see picture)
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The Ibr piece I mentioned is right under the warning decal saying something about reboarding...
I took off my rear deck and all it had was 12 screws. They werent connected to anything but the hull. I don't have IBR though.
What about the riding plate was the exstension attached to it? It looks like it is...
And does it come off in one piece?
Yea it comes off as one piece. Its two pieces with styrofoam between them with others screws holding those two pieces together.
Is the screws holding the exstension to the ski the same as the screws holding the exstension together?
No they are different. I believe it was 12 to remove but probably 8 more to split the 2 pieces in half.
Ok thanks will remove it tomorrow:)
Looks good. After you test post if you noticed a big difference. I didn't notice a whole lot but I like the shorter look.
Where does it bolt to? Aren't there now holes in the back of your ski?
It's 4 bolts under the ski, 2 above the jet nozzle and 3 on each side. And no holes that will take in water:)
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Newbie with 2up spark.....anyone help where I can buy the 3 up extension...will it increase stability?
It will increase stability according to most reports.
Finally tested it!! The first thing I noticed was the stability, I was able to shake it from side to side much easier. About the maneuverability... I didn't notice anything, it's just the same. So now it's back on

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from the size, I would have to guess the weight was minimal?
Did you try re boarding in the water? I would assume it would be more difficult.
The weight of the exstension? It was about 5 kilos i guess. Didnt try to reboard...

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I also tryed to bend and punch the plastic to test it's strength, and that stuff is hard to brake! Really strong!

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