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The Sea Doo Spark's Rotax ACE 900 Engine

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I thought that I would do a little write-up on the Sea-Doo Spark's engine -- the Rotax ACE 900. It's an inline 3-cylinder 4-stroke power plant that is part of the most compact family of marine engines.

The Rotax ACE 900 uses iTC, or intelligent throttle control, which allows you to switch between three driving modes: sport, normal and eco. Each mode adjusts the throttle response and the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

Even when you are not in eco mode though, the Spark has amazing fuel efficiency. 'ACE' stands for "advanced combustion efficiency." This technology minimizes mechanical friction at the same time that it improves thermodynamic efficiency for optimal engine performance.

When you combine this technology with the fact that the lightweight Spark has a power to weight ratio that is close to 50% better than the closest competitor, the Spark is by far one of the most fuel efficient PWC. It has a fuel consumption of less than 2 gallons per hour. That is close to 13 times lower than similar models from the 90s and early 2000s.

Enjoy this video too even though it focuses more on the snow mobile application of the engine than the PWC application of the engine.

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Great information and video. I think this engine is amazing, tuning potential is great
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