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Towable Options

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We owned a boat a few years ago and had a 2 person Airhead Viper towable. Airhead Viper 2 - Person Towable - 428462, Tubes & Towables at Sportsman's Guide

I still have it.

We just bought a 3-up HO SeaDoo Spark and I am wondering if this isn't too much tube to use with the Spark. I will likely be towing my kids (210LBS total) with myself (190LBs) on the ski. The one once thing about this tube is that it really sits up on the water as it is inflated under the seats as well. So it goes get on plane quickly, so it may be OK. I have looked for review/comments on towing ability for this ski but haven't really found any.

Also, can anyone recommend a good solo tube for the Spark? We had one a while back but it would bog down and fill with water behind my brother in laws slow-ass boat. While we may use the double from time to time, a single may get more use for us.

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Not sure about your state, but in SC you have to have someone on the rear of PWC facing backwards. Which makes 2 people on the ski, only allowing you to tow 1 other person for a total of 3.
just get the tune and you'll be alright ;)
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