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Trade Grey Spark Registration Numbers

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I'm sure their is a bunch of us on here that bought the Spark registration numbers. I'm looking to trade a set of grey numbers for a set of my registration numbers. They held up great, but there no match for a dock. My son tied them up, but when I went to look at them one of my numbers was scratched all to ****. This way each of us would have an extra set just in case something like this happens. My numbers are MC 7530 TR and MC 7531 TR. If someone has these let me know. I have all the rest to trade.

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I do not have a set of the OEM Sea Doo numbers made for the Spark but I do manufacture registration number decals specific for the SPARK and it's LSE plastic. If you want a free set from me I am willing to send them to you as long as you are willing to test them out and let me know how well they hold up. You can see what they look like by visiting the photo gallery under my member profile.


Bryan / Stiffie Brand
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