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Trailer problems.

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The dealer we bought our spark from didn't carry any of the sea doo move trailers so we bought a Yacht Club trailer. We don't live on a lake so we pull the spark to our favorite lakes. Sometimes over an hour away. Most PWC's are almost double the weight of this spark and would work for this trailer but with the light spark there seems to be no suspension travel on the trailer NONE. We go over a small bumb and the Ski jumps up and down like crazy. Can't be good for it. Could we replace the leaves to lower duty ones? Fill the trailer with sand bags? I'm sure I'm not the only one with this issue.
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Ski should be tied down to the trailer. It should not be jumping around. Are you tying down front and back?
I have a older double trailer made for machines twice the weight of the sparks! tied down on the front at the winch post and at the back of the trailer, no issues with bouncing around, the older machines didn't have much of a problem with bouncing because they were so heavy, but I have seen them come off the trailer before because they weren't tied down also, it just takes a bigger bump!

not sure about laws where you are, but around here you can get charged if you don't have the back of boats/pwc's strapped down, if you did have one come off because it wasn't strapped down or didn't have heavy enough straps holding it you would likely get charged with an insecure load!

p.s. bungie straps don't cut it!! they should be load rated straps!
I'm sorry I meant the whole trailer is jumping. The ski is tied down with two straps in the back and the winch in the front.
you could replace the leaf springs. try to find a local trailer repair shop and see what they recommend.
Hopefully replacing the leaf springs will do it and that it's not anything else, anything worse.
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