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Trailer set up question

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Did a forum search but didn't fit exactly what I was looking for. 2up HO pineapple Spark due to come in next week. I have an old Shoreland'r TadPull trailer. That's really only relevant because the cross members are straight and not the usual "V" bend.
So that means I need to raise the bunks. I'll be using 2 x 4 carpeted bunks 6 feet long laid on the wide side. 3 questions:
1) Can anyone tell me the proper bunk spacing from "inside 2x4 edge" to the other "inside 2x4 edge"?
2) Is that spacing the same front and back?
3) How high do I need to make them to clear the straight cross members that they bolt onto?

Excited to join this forum...more excited to get the Spark!!
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I thought of doing that. Old trailer. Prep it for Sparks....decided not too. New Sea Doo new trailer for them. Curious what your dealer would in would they help you out with the bunk spacing.
Plasti dipped my trailer blazin blue and black wheels. I actually enjoy driving my ski around the road now lol

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I can get you the measurements from my trailer. Triton double trailer, Would be this afternoon.
Im interested in the spacing as well. I have small boat trailer and im waiting for the 2015 spark.
I have a Northtrail trailer, It has a straight frame, my bunks are set at 17 3/4 inch at the top inside edge of the 2x4, both front and rear are the same, the bottom inside edge of the bunk to the top of the frame measures 4 3/4 inch, that gives me about 3 inches from the bottom of the seadoo to top of the frame, I need that much height because the winch post goes under the seadoo and I end up with about an inch of clearance.

I ordered a spark trailer but it ended up being too wide for my garage door, first brochure I read said it was 2.5 but it ended up being 2.6 so I kept my old trailer, all I had to change was I moved both outside bunks in one hole and they sit perfect!


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