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I'm supposed to go sign papers on a new 2015 spark tomorrow but this dealership is trying to charge me $700 extra for a trailer. I've never heard of a dealership not including one with a brand new ski. Am I right or did any of you have to purchase a trailer seperate too?
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When I bought my Spark in Central Florida, the dealer gave me a quote with and without a trailer.
I didn't need the trailer because I already had one so. The dealer just set the new ski on my old trailer.

It is my understanding that trailers are not typically included. Maybe a dealer would throw in a trailer on a higher profit margin ski but, from what I've read, dealers don't have a very big profit margin on a Spark.

You might be able to find one cheaper than $700 on craigslist.
Sparks don't generally come with trailers, I paid 900 extra for mine, 700 sounds like a good deal.
A trailer is a commodity on it's own. You will always pay for it.
I picked up my Sparks in Reno. Dealer wanted $1800. No thanks!
its practice for the sparks to not include a trailer.

I got a great deal on my Triton Wave for $600 from the dealer. This isn't out of the normal though. And I'd think $700 was very reasonable comparing to the amounts seen in the pricing thread.
You might be able to find one cheaper than $700 on craigslist.
That and even on other forums, more well established forums.

At times you get lucky with someone that wants to get rid of it ASAP and adjusts price in line with that urgency.
at the dealership in my home town in Australia, they don't include a trailer with the price of any watercraft.
Well I had a trailer but went ahead and got a new one. Thanks for the replies :)
This has me thinking that we should get a thread up on what folks are towing with, just out of curiosity, since i know it can range from Miata's to Escalades :D
My dealer wanted me to pay $1800 and he still needed to add tax!!! I am going to buy something off of craigslist instead.
I tried getting a trailer off craigslist prior to my purchase, but I could not find one in time. I ended up spending $1300 for a loadrite double trailer for both my sparks. Dealer originally quoted me $1500, but I got the price reduced.

Trailers NEVER come included in the price for a ski. Unless they are doing a package deal type sale...
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