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Trixx Coolant Bottle Cap Came Off While Operating PWC

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In a moment of laziness, I took one of my Trixx to the dealer to replace the wear ring. And, decided to let them do the 100 hour service. Picked it up, went for a ride. About 20” into the ride, check engine warning, smoke and smell of coolant observed. The f’ing coolant bottle cap was missing and hull coated with coolant. During 100 service, dealer only “inspects” coolant level, in other words they look at the bottle. But, the bottle is right next to the oil pump/filter. So, it seems more likely that the tech nudged or bumped the cap loose, rather, than the cap simply vibrating off after 50 hours on the engine. Fortunately, a new cap is $20 and a bottle of coolant is $20.
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