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Tuned & 12/15 Prop’d Trixx eating wear rings

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Earlier in the summer my buddy tuned and put on a 12/15 pitch impeller on his trixx. Before he did that the ski was running fine. After the mods the ski ran alright for about a few rides and then after that it started eating plastic wear rings. First one i figured he sucked something up but now after his 4th wear ring of this summer im having my doubts that hes simply just sucking something up. Our lake isnt that cluttered and we never beach them. He called impros and asked them what he should do since he got the 12/15 impeller from them and they told him to go with a SS wear ring because the hull flexes and with it the plastic wear ring will to. I dont by any means want to knock the knowledge of these guys but i do want to make sure there are no other problems that are making this happen especially when hes going to a SS wear ring. Do you guys have any suggestion what to look for/what might be happening? TIA
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I'm sure the hull flexes a bit as it's plastic.. However I have never heard anyone having identified it as a problem! I would think that even if you installed an SS wear ring it wont stop the hull from flexing.. With SS ring and impeller you will wear the impeller more than the ring it self "if" the problem is something else..

I would try to investigate if the drive-line (shaft/impeller/alignment etc..) some how got damaged as it was running fine after the new impeller and tune.. How many hours dose a plastic wear ring last ? Is it always around the same hours ?

You could also try to switch to the stock impeller and a new ring to see how that combo lasts. I don't think the tune it self has any impact on the problem here!

Short answer: I personally don't think that upgrading to an SS wring would fix the problem in the long run!

I hope you find the source of the problem!

/Best Regards
i have a tuned and propped spark with no trim and it doesnt eat them BUT i did the same tune and prop for a buddy with a trixx and same thing would break them every ride. he went stainless and now no problems. the hull flexes under the extra stress of the power and when the trim is all the way up flexes even more. Tuned trixx is one fun ride though.
I replaced my original aluminum prop and plastic ring with SS prop and SS ring, tuned to 110 also and no issues since. The original's got chewed up by a stick, the SS just eats them I guess as no more jammed prop on lakes or in the Gulf.
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