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Unless you have taken a ferry to the Toronto Islands in southern Ontario or happen to be wealthy enough to own a yacht, chances are slim that you have seen the city from the other side. While tourists flock to the waterfront to take in the scenery in the summer months, very few Torontonians ever seem to enjoy this aspect of their own city, myself included. I decided to change that.

Having a couple Yamaha Waverunners at my disposal to explore the old steamship routes in the area known as Explorer's Edge in Muskoka, I then decided to do some research on where and how I could go about getting them into the water closer to home rather than leaving them on the trailer to collect dust until their return. I decided to reach out to friends with boats to gain insight from their experience. It turns out my hockey buddy Adam and his wife frequently enjoy the Toronto Harbour in their 20-foot cuddy cabin and he was more than eager to show me the ropes.
Read more about the Urban Escape: Exploring Toronto's Waterfront at
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