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USA trip to the Caribbean, Venezuela, Haiti, Panama, Mexico..

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This idea popped into my head a few days ago after a little bit of research and thought had to post this on the forums...


Leave from Miami...


Turks and Caicos



Dominican Republic

Puerto Rico

British Virgin Islands

make the way all the way down to Trinidad and Tobago...




Costa Rico





Mexico up to Cancun


... and hit Key West and the Dry Tortugas on the way back to Miami


Quite a few people have done the Miami to Bimini run, along with some that have traveled pretty far south in the Bahamas so this would just be a very large extension of that type trip...


I would like to stop at ALL of the mid to large sized towns exploring the land, the culture, the people, food ETC.

Was thinking a mix of couch-surfing, cheap hotels, maybe camping on various islands along the way.

Packing safe but light with all of the necessary safety gear including extra gas.


After the concern of safety and blue water travel here are a few initial thoughts of concern...

Hours and reliability to make this trip even possible?


Any and all feedback greatly appreciated!?


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I will await your obituary.

Morbid joke aside, this sounds crazy to me, but I am an out of shape middle aged guy. If you can do this, take pics, vids, and post a trip report.
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@Chrome Paper that sounds like a dream trip to me, something i'd love to do, how much longer till do you that or something like it?

would you ever check out eastern parts of the world?
Sounds a little crazy on a spark maybe on a sea doo luxury sea cow would be better with more storage and fuel you would also need some boats to go on that trip if there was any problems

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my friend did it to bahamas on rxp said it was neat but not fun at all ski was pretty banged up after too
unless you have some baller multi million dollar yacht with a port for your skii :D
This entire concept scares the daylights out of me. Don't let that stop you though.

Just a thought: Are there any US/Coast Guard regulations about PWC and their distance travelled off shore? I know there are for pilots and airplanes. Just a thought
The idea sounds good but i don't know if I would ever make it back.

When do you plan on taking the trip? This year or?
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