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VTech Tuner 1st timers

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Buy the tuner and license. After that, it took about a day and I received an email looking like this:

---Subject: Order XXXXX tuning license activation codes

---Thank you for your order! Please read this email in it’s entirety as it contains instructional links on how to use your V-Tech Maptuning ---system.

---Here are your V-Tech Tuning Credit activation codes:


---Please store them in a safe place.

I ordered a Tuner and 2 licenses so you might only get one key, so don’t be upset if you get one key. Obviously the keys are important, do not lose or share them.

Then I waited about 2 days, and got a US Postal box of goodness.

First thing I did was run out and plug the unit into the spark, there are a dozen ways to go find your ECU cable, but I will add on my yellow ski, it was just dangling, and on my orange ski, it was in the proper place, so just keep in mind that you do have to find it, but it might not be where it is supposed to be. Take the time to watch a couple of videos while you are waiting for the Tuner to ship to your house to locate the ECU cable so you don’t have to waste time doing that when you are ready.

First thing you need to do is important and you will do this step 3 more times during this process. So remember it!

Power on your Spark by pressing the red button and then inserting the DESS key, listen for the 2 chirps. (#1 time)

Now connect the tuner to the Spark and follow the prompts to create the request.

Now go back to your computer and download the software from
Download the exe file as it’s easier to just install.

Run the software, create your login, follow the prompts.. You might need your license key here as well...
After you have installed the software, click update on Client software and the info about your ski is now uploaded.

Next, you can request software. Once the software list comes up, it will give you a tiny box at the bottom of the window to add your license code(s). Put them in.

Now you can see the list of avail tunes for you to choose from. I have heard you want to stay away from the betas, but this is unconfirmed.
I was told to use the 8500 tune. I could not get this tune to download by itself, as I had to select the 8350 tune and then I could select the 8500 to download. It kept saying there was no credit for the 8500 tune or something; maybe this will be fixed soon.

Once you select the tunes and click submit.

Then it will ask you if you want to use a code, press yes and chose the code you want to use.

Their instructions say to wait a few minutes for the transfer to prepare, but I was able to click "check for updates" right away and it began downloading tunes. Select up to 6 tunes for the Spark, just know that each one has to download and verify (about 15 minutes each tune), so if you have the time, knock yourself out with 6 tunes, but if you are in a rush to get to the lake, select fewer tunes, you can always add them later.

Once the tuner is done updating and it will tell you, disconnect and let’s head back to the Spark.


Power on your Spark by pressing the red button and then inserting the DESS key, listen for the 2 chirps. (#2 time)

Now connect the tuner to the Spark

When your tuner starts, click ok to tune, and it’s a little tricky to select the tune you want because the up and down buttons are very sensitive, but be patient and find the tune you want to program and press ok.

When you selected the file on maptuner it will first verify the file inside the memory of the tuner.
This goes in between 0-43 %
After that maptuner will ask you to “press the start button” BUT DO NOT PRESS OK YET.

Power on your Spark by pressing the red button and then inserting the DESS key, listen for the 2 chirps. (#3 time)

If you do this wrong your ECU can lock up and you need to send your ECU to dealer with boot mode tool or get an updated maptuner.

Now press the OK key and it will take about 30sec to 1 minute and then it start.
This goes in between 43-99 %
It will pause at 99 % and you will hear your ski restart. The unit will ask you to press ok. Press it.

Then it will tell you to wait 30 secs and press Ok again... Count to 30... and press ok...

You are done!

If you have multiple skis, here is the tricky part. You can’t just bounce between skis. It will lock the ECU and you will be on the phone with VTech.

Once you are done with the first ski..
Connect the Maptuner to the second ski and select "request tune"
It will ask if you want to erase tuner, select "OK"
Maptuner will display "Please Wait" The process usually takes 4 or 5 minutes.

Then the Maptuner will display "request tune for this vehicle"
Select "OK"

Now you are back at the beginning of the guide... You need to do this procedure whenever you bounce between programming your skis. The only good part is that the computer remembers the tunes you selected to download, but it still has to re-download them and verify them. This takes alot of time when switching so you want to minimize this as much as possible.
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Awesome right-up on how to use the mapper. I'll be sure to save this post as a link to be able to get back to it easily. You made it appear so easy to use. :)

I'm waiting on the company to put the V-tech on sale before I buy one for my 2up 90 HO. It's been listed as 10% off for about a year now. I read somewhere that someone had a coupon code and got 25% off, but that code doesn't work anymore.

My first upgrade is looking to be a Solas impeller with a SS Ring, then the V-Tech. But I plan to wait until this summer is over and do the upgrades over the winter. Hopefully the prices will drop by then. :)
Ordered these and waiting for them too come in.. Dont forget the pump seal, its inexpensive and part of what your doing at the time with the impeller and wear ring!

RIVA Stainless Steel Wear Ring

R & D Pump Seal for Sea Doo Spark

Solas 12/17 Impeller for Spark Watercraft

Hopefully have them before this weekend and see what she does afte those upgrades!
Awesome write-up Lance! Have you heard if applying the tune will affect the longevity of the engine?
From what I have read, and I'm far from an expert, nobody has been able to blow this engine up yet cause of a tune...

If I have a 60Hp and I throw a vtech tuner on it does it take it up to 110?
If you put the correct tune on, yes it will
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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