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Wakeboard Rack?

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Hi all, new to the forum here - hopefully this post is in the right area.

I just sold 2 older skis and ordered 2 sparks for pickup on Monday.

Our skis are used frequently as transports to and from our wakeboard boat that runs non-stop. The older skis I didn't worry about cosmetic damage - was more concerned with the boards than the skis. I'll want to keep the new skis nice.

I've seen some board racks for other skis but they don't list the Spark as a compatible model. Has anyone found a board rack or another solution?


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Doesn't seem to be for sale yet anywhere but here's what Sea Doo has designed for the Spark.
More like this

Sounds like that might only be for the 3up? Anyway, I was looking for something more like this:

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I have a 2up and I've been looking for something like this since last summer for my wakeskate. No luck. Got excited when I saw the new holder from Sea Door but its only for the 3up. Need to find a DIY solution.
I think the rack thats made originally for the wake models will fit. Link:
Dont worry about it breaking saw a spark being lifted with this kind of system:
and it was only hanging in a small mount (made of metal and looks like the wakeboardrack mount) on the side of the spark/ here:

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