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What products do you recommend for washing and waxing the Spark? Outside of the normal Sea Doo products.
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Wash = any quality boat soap.

I wouldn't *wax* it. I use 303 Protectant from top to bottom. Works great!
Yes with the plastic composite I was not sure what to use on it thanks for the advice and information and help
I just bought regular car soap with no wax in it.
Any "wax as you dry" product (cheaper the better), I have amazing luck with how long it lasts and the lookstoo; on my Jeep and Ford also! Have given up on hard pastes with these products, apply every 2-3rd handwash, and us use a decent car wash (ol' Zip Wax is still MY favorite!)...
Heard of a product called Opti Coat which is suppose to protect paint on cars, seems like something that we could use on this.
Any over the counter auto soap is good but I find the best last step product is Collinite 845.
GizmoK...I had several people recommend the Collinite 845. I see you are in Gainsville, Florida. Great place! A Gator in Bama here. My dad played football at Florida so I have more than few trips down that way.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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