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Water Engine Compartment

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I bought two new Sparks last year. One has been flawless....the other a nightmare. Problems with the propulsion systems - impeller, drive...etc.

Put both Sparks in the water yesterday.

The one that always gives us problems, sure enough, began to fill with water. Filled short of the intake and was beached and drained. Had my son rapidly ride it to the boat ramp and it annuciated, "High Exhaust Temperature" or "High Temperature"...he is pretty sure it was, "High Exhaust Temperature". It went into limp mode, he shut it down, got off and his friend towed it.

Pulled it out of the water. Had water in it but about half as much as before. Drain, on right side, was plugged and not leaking. Water not leaking out anywhere. Pulled the plug and drained it.

So, what could it be?

I have a gut feeling the shop we have been taking it to is not doing a good job fixing it. Just a hunch.

I am considering taking it to another dealer. I just bought the BEST Warranty.
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Im not an expert, but from out of what ive read on these forums, i think your engine is not properly aligned and therefore you're having trouble with the thru hull seal. As for the exhaust overheating, maybe you clogged it? Again im not an expert, but thats just the first thing i could think of. Another thought i just got, maybe the hose that supplies water to cool the exhaust is damaged or has come loos. That would explain the overheating and why you had water entering the hull

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Not an expect here, but if it wasn't properly winterized and the exhaust manifold cracked. It could explain the water inside and the high exhaust temperature
It was winterized. Plus, we did not have a very cold winter - good point though.

Yea, I think it is the drive or exhaust. Odd, the shop I had it at took it to a lake and ran it after the last repairs - driveline replacement. THEN, winterized it.

I wonder if something they did in the winterizing process could have gone awry?
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