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Water in the hull ...

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Yesterday I had the top off of my Spark in order to install the manual reverse kit. There was no evidence of any rust or salt inside (I've used it 10 times in the 4 weeks that I've had it home). The hull was bone dry.

Today, I went out on the water in order to test the reverse (which works perfectly). When I came home, I flushed the engine according to the owners manual. I pull the drain plug and no water came out. Then I thoroughly washed the outside of the Spark. Then I took a look inside through the access panel. I noticed that I have water in the bottom. I have about 1/4 inch by 3 inches across down the center of the hull (well at least that's what I can see through the access cover). I didn't flip the Spark and I didn't taken any waves over it.

Is anyone finding water in the bottom center of their Sparks hull? Water that doesn't drain out through the drain plug in the back.

Can water get into the hull from washing it? If so, where is the place that it can get in through? Thanks ahead of time!
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I find a little bit of water close to the batteries sometime at the bottom. Stock on the floating foam. I'm not worried about it. The water will move as soon as you shake the ski and will be able to dry.

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Yes water can go in by washing it. Washing it is not different than riding it on the water in my opinions.

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When I removed the top of my Spark it had a few small pockets of water in the hull. I never get any water when I pull the drain plug after a ride. Every ski I've owned has always had a tiny bit of water that won't drain out of the plug. The water can come into the hull in all kinds of places including the air intake pipes and around the gas filler neck. Honestly, the Spark is much better about it than the other fiberglass skis I've had. The only way I've found to get every drop out of the hull is to vacuum it out with a shop vac. I wouldn't consider doing that unless the ski was going into extended storage.

If it doesn't drain out of the drain plug, I simply don't worry about it. The fact that every ski I have ever owned has gotten trace amounts of water in it is why I rinse out the inside of the hull after every salt water ride.
I just leave the engine and oil covers off when it's sitting in the garage; hopefully this will help in letting any extra moisture out.

Yup, I agree, the water is getting in through the air intake pipes due to too much water being used around the steering wheel!!! Learn something new everyday.

While I agree that the water isn't of great concern, I think I will try to create an attachment for my wet/dry vac to get down in there.
I own a 2022 spark trixx 2up and below the battery I notice a small amount of water wish nothing comes out of the drain plug witch is good . What I did to get that water out I found a long straw and tape it to the attachment on my wet back like that you can suck up any water in there . Hope this idea helps some of you .
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