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Wear Ring and Impeller(pics and videos)

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I finally got my spark on May 24th and took it out on sunday the 25th. I followed the manual exactly for when to start and stop the motor, I waited until I was in at least 3-1/2 feet of water before starting it up and hopping on and waiting until I was in around 5-6 feet of water before taking off.

When returning to shore I turned it off once I reached about 4 feet of water and glided in, I pulled the sea-doo up on shore to beach it as sea-doo shows in all of the promotional videos.

when I took my spark off shore and out into around 3-4 feet of water I rocked the machine from side to side to make sure anything that could have been in the intake grate would be shaken out. I started the spark once in around 3-4 feet of water and hopped on, slowly made my way out to around 5-6 feet of water before hitting the throttle which instantly tossed a rock through the wear ring and all thrust was gone.

I initially thought it was just a weak wear ring like others have mentioned on here but when I got home and removed my ibr and other parts required to access the impeller I realized the rock that went through the wear ring was about 2" in diameter. There is no way this rock was sucked up, it had to have been pushed into the intake grate when pulled onto the shore... so as a note to everyone here, DO NOT BEACH THE SPARK!

I bought a couple wear rings, the solas impeller and bent the original(barely stainless) impeller back to nearly normal so I could use it until the new impeller shows up, I must have done a great job on this as the top speed is still the same, if I didnt know what I did I would never know anything had happened!

I saved the best for last... here are some pictures:

and some videos:

I am having major issues embedding the pictures and videos, any help would be greatly appretiated
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Ouch looks like the wear ring is insurance from ripping the driveshaft out . Is there such a thing as a special grate for those who ride in rock and debris infested waters like me? I know it would affect performance but if it kept out the big chunks it might be worth it.
I'd much rather have the wear ring go out than bend a shark or somthing
WOW, so just curious. What do you think would have happened had he put the stainless steel wearing on and sucked up the rock?
Nothing good ever happens when rocks get in your jet pump. On the old 3 cyllinders it could jam and throw your crank out of phase. Twist the shaft off,rip the blades off the pump and stator and of course mangle the wear ring.
Wow that is some severe damage, even with the plastic wear ring it still caused substantial damage to imp, wear ring, and pump. I agree be very careful where you beach your spark, in the lake by me they have carpets laid out to create a safer landing area but thats not the case everywhere. Props on rebeding your prop back to normal :)
Yeah wake...those aren't carpet in markham for you....that's so the gator can use you like a pig in a blanket when he eats you
haha I actually saw a gator in the main canal the other day, none back in the jet ski lake though. (atleast i think)
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